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Hi, Can you help me please. I want to buy a Mercedes Sprinter LWB van which I have seen on a van dealer’s website. It is a 2013 model and is priced at £16995 + VAT. I am VAT registered so can claim that back and can afford to put down £2000 deposit as well so I would need finance for £15k. I spoke to the van dealer on the phone about finance and they quoted me £395 per month on a 4 year deal with an APR of 13% which I thought sounded high? I have a limited company and don’t mind giving a directors guarantee if you need it. We have always paid things back on time and I wanted to know if you can do me a better deal. I could go through my bank if I have to but would prefer not to as I may need their help in a few months for another acquisition. Can you get back to me ASAP so I can make a decision.

Hi Mr Roberts, Thanks for your email about van finance for a Mercedes Sprinter. This van would be a good choice and according to a lot of our customers is a very reliable and usable panel van which is comfortable and has excellent road handling. You are right in your thinking about the dealers van finance quote being a bit on the expensive side and if your credit history is as good as you say then we should easily be able to save you some money and get the payment nearer to £380 per month which would save you £15 a month, totalling £720 over the four years of the van finance agreement. This could easily pay for a few months fuel depending on your annual mileage so well worth shopping about for. For a really useful tool visit our Van Finance Calculator to work out payments with different size deposits.

As another thought, have you considered the VW transporter? Quite a lot of our customers have purchased these and have been very happy with them.

Please can you phone us on 0800 066 2888 so we can take a business van finance application from you. We can get you an acceptance within 60 minutes and if you are accepted can speak to the van dealer and arrange to get them paid within a couple of days. If you have any more questions let me know or speak to one of our experienced advisors on the number above.

For more information visit our Van finance page.

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