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If you’re looking for affordable car finance, the Car Loan Warehouse has got you covered. We provide loans for new and used cars, and can even offer competitive bad credit car finance options for customers with poor credit scores.

We work with an array of car finance companies and have experienced lenders on-board to help secure the finance for your dream car. So forget about your credit score – if you can make the payments, we should be able to sort it for you. And we won’t make you wait for our decision.

Car finance options:

Hire purchase agreement – this kind of car finance is secured against your vehicle, so if you’re looking for bad credit car finance, this could be the one for you. With a hire purchase agreement, you might not require a deposit and after this loan has been repaid, you’ll own the vehicle outright.

PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) – this type of car finance requires you to pay a deposit, followed by a series of regular monthly repayments. With our PCP agreements, you’ll have the option to either return the vehicle or make an agreed payment to own it outright once your monthly repayments end.

Unsecured loan – in some cases, you might find it more practical to arrange an unsecured loan. If you chose this option, you would be able to buy any car from anywhere, without any conditions.

Applying for car finance with the Car Loan Warehouse couldn’t be simpler. Just fill in our online application form, and within 60 minutes, your application will be processed and we’ll have an instant decision on your car finance. Check out our car finance calculator to see the kind of rate you’ll be paying for your finance, based on your credit score and the amount you’re looking to borrow.

Have you already found a car?

If YES, great – once we’ve processed your car finance application, we’ll just need the vehicle details, registration number, mileage and sale price – then we’ll be able to finance your car.

Still looking? No problem – we can approve your car finance without a vehicle in mind, then just provide us with the necessary details once you’ve found your perfect car. We also provide in-house purchase guidance if you’re having trouble deciding.

We know loan applications can be a stressful process, so we don’t make you wait. That’s why we process all car finance applications within an hour – and we may even be able to make the payment to the seller the day after your application is approved, so you can get straight behind the wheel.

Any questions?

Call us on 0800 066 2888 or email info@thecarloanwarehouse.com to discuss your needs.

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