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Spread The Cost

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  • The Car Loan Warehouse | Electric Vehicle Finance
  • The Car Loan Warehouse | Electric Vehicle Finance
  • The Car Loan Warehouse | Electric Vehicle Finance
  • The Car Loan Warehouse | Electric Vehicle Finance

The Best Electric Vehicle Finance Options

Are you looking to buy an electric car but are unsure of the best financing options? Look no further! The Car Loan Warehouse is a specialist finance broker, and we can provide you with the perfect finance options for your electric vehicle.

When it comes to electric car finance options, you have a few to choose from – our expert team can discuss the best choices for you and find you the best deal. You may be looking for a used electric vehicle or a brand-new one from a dealership, but we will always deliver the very best finance deal. You could pay a deposit and then borrow the balance, use a EV loan to cover the full purchase price, or take out a personal contract purchase (PCP).

The best finance option will depend on your individual circumstances and your financial goals. We can help you work out the best option for you, taking into consideration your budget, the amount of money you want to put down, and the terms of the loan.

How to Finance an Electric Vehicle

If you wish to pay a deposit, you could end up paying less overall on the car and get a lower monthly payment. With an electric vehicle loan, you may have the option to pay for the full cost at once and avoid a large initial payment. With a PCP, you can spread the cost over a set period of time and make smaller payments.

No matter which finance option you go for, you can be sure you’ll be getting a great deal on your electric car. We can help you compare quotes from different lenders to find the best rates and terms.

At The Car Loan Warehouse, we are committed to providing the best electric car finance options.

Are electric cars more expensive to finance than regular cars?

This is an impossible question to answer and depends on several factors, including the type of electric vehicle (EV) you are considering and the type of financing you choose. Generally speaking, used EVs can usually be financed for the same rates as regular cars. When it comes to purchasing a new EV, it likely to be more expensive than the equivalent petrol or diesel engined car. This is because EVs are typically more complex with regards to engineering and technology. However, it is also possible to find great financing deals when buying a new EV, including low deposits and monthly payments. Additionally, a loan can be used to cover the cost of a used or new EV.

Ultimately, the best way to determine the cost of financing an electric car is speak to our team who will work hard to find you the best options.