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I have found a Honda motorbike that I would like to buy, it is a CBR500R model and is 2013 delivery mileage and I can buy it for £5000 from the Honda dealer which sounds like a really good price. The dealer has tried to get me motorbike finance for me but they have said that I have been declined. I did have a CCJ years ago which I did pay off last year so I was hoping that my credit would be ok now but obviously not. Do you provide motorbike finance for people with poor credit history?

Hi Steve and thanks for your email.

£5000 sounds like a good price for a CBR500R. I quite fancy one myself! When it comes to motorbike finance lenders like Honda Finance or Black Horse Finance are quite fussy even if your financial problems are behind you they aren’t very helpful. Don’t worry too much though as we should still be able to help you as long as you can prove your income and your identity. In fact we just provided motorbike finance for a customer similar to your-self who was buying a Honda Touring bike last week and he had a very poor credit history. We may need three months bank statements and a copy of your driving license to show the finance company but we won’t know until you have made an application.

Why don’t you complete our easy online motorbike finance application and we can get back to you within 60 minutes with a decision.

Once you have done this we can work out the monthly payments and send you documents for signing. We will also speak to the Honda dealer and get them to provide an invoice and their bank details so we can get them paid.

Sound simple? It is!!

Any questions let me know or you can visit our motorbike finance page for more information.

Our telephone number if you want to speak to us is 0800 066 2888.

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