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I want to buy a Kawasaki motorbike and have found a nice one at my local bike dealer. It is a Ninja ZX model, has only done 1500 miles and I am looking for a loan of £7500. I spoke to the dealer about motorbike finance but I was surprised to find that Black Horse finance were unable to help me. I did have a few financial problems but that was about 6 years ago and I now have a good job and just fancied a weekend toy. The dealer said I would need to arrange my own loan now as they don’t have any other finance companies.

Hi Mike and thanks for your email.

I like the sound of the Kawasaki Ninja, just right for a summers evening ride in the countryside!

It doesn’t sound like your local bike dealer is unusual in as much as they don’t have much experience in motorbike finance and if Black Horse say no then they don’t know what to suggest. Don’t be too put off though as Black Horse are quite fussy and unless you have a gold plated credit history they won’t help.

At The Car Loan Warehouse we work very closely with a range of lenders who are much more realistic about motorbike finance and won’t say no just because you had a problem in the past. If you are on the right track now they are much more interested in your present circumstances than your past.

We can get you pre-approved for motorbike finance so that you can go shopping in the knowledge that you have you finances sorted. This will enable you to concentrate on finding the best bike and getting the best deal and we can even help if you find a great deal privately.

Once you have decided on which one to buy simply let us know the details and who the seller is and we will sort the rest.

We will either need you to complete our online Motorbike Finance application form or you can telephone one of our helpful advisors on 0800 066 2888 for further advice.

For further information CLICK HERE to visit our motorbike finance information page.

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Guy Prince is co-founder, director and head of finance for The Car Loan Warehouse. Having an extensive business record in the motor sales and finance industry, Guy's knowledge of purchasing vehicles is second to none.