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Car Wars Wednesdays: SEAT Ibiza vs Ford Fiesta

January 6, 2016

When it comes to the battle of the superminis, you might think that the best-selling Ford Fiesta would take the title by a country mile – but with the SEAT Ibiza’s new 2015 makeover, the competition is hotting up.

In today’s edition of Car Wars, we’re getting serious, as the SEAT Ibiza vs Ford Fiesta for the title – and we can’t wait to see what these stylish superminis have in their lock up. Fancy getting your hands on supermini finance? We can give you a heads up there, too. Let’s dive into today’s battle!


Any SEAT Ibiza review will rate the car’s sporty, youthful looks and impressive choice of body styles – with a 3-door SC, 5-Door, ST Estate and Ibiza Cupra available – and there’s plenty to shout about inside, too. The cabin is practical and solidly built, with a newly styled interior that makes it feel comfortable in the front – plus bags of room in the 3-door SC’s 284 litre boot and 292 litres in the 5-door.

Put the Ibiza up against the Ford Fiesta’s bold styling and sleek lines, equally spacious interior space and choice of body styles and it’s got real competition. The Fiesta’s interior is well designed and complemented by a sweeping dashboard, soft touch plastics and a generous 290 litre boot.

It’s a tough call in terms of design and practicality, but for bringing something fresh to the table, we’re giving this round to the SEAT Ibiza.

Performance & Handling

Most Ford Fiesta reviews are quick to mention that this is a great car to drive, with quick and direct steering and plenty of grip on corners. The Fiesta also comes with a decent lineup of engines. Opt for the 1.0 litre ECOBoost petrol in either 98bhp or 123bhp and you’ll get the best blend of power and economy, returning 65.7mpg – and with CO2 emissions under 100g/km, it’s free from annual road tax fees.

The Fiesta’s not alone with its impressive engine lineup – the SEAT Ibiza has plenty to offer, too. Our pick of the range is the 1.4 litre TDi – which can return 83.1mpg and emits just 88g/km of CO2, making it tax free. If petrol is your fuel of choice, the 1.4 litre delivers 58.9mpg.

For a more thrilling ride, better fuel economy and an array of engines, this round belongs to the Ford Fiesta.


Both cars are available in an extensive range of trim levels, which depend on which engine and body type you opt for. Don’t let the SEAT Ibiza’s trims confuse you – the standard entry level E comes with electric front windows, split-folding rear seats, alloy wheels, ESP and emergency braking assistance. For a little more money, the mid-range SE will give you luxuries like air conditioning, DAB radio, Bluetooth connectivity and LED daytime running lights.

The Ford Fiesta has seven trims on offer The entry level Studio is only available with the 1.25 litre petrol engine but comes with electric door mirrors and front windows, USB port and tyre pressure monitoring system. Head up the ranges and the Zetec will give you a decent amount of kit for your money, with air con, alloys, and Ford’s SYNC infotainment system. Topping the range, Titanium and Titanium X trims come kitted with climate and cruise control and SONY DAB digital radio.

Thanks to its impressive lineup of kit, we’ll give this round to the Ford Fiesta.


Last but not least, it’s time to take a look at the price tags. The entry level Ford Fiesta, for sale from £10,145, is the slightly pricier of the two superminis. The SEAT Ibiza, for sale from just £10,000, is just over £100 cheaper.

For keeping purchase prices low, this round belongs to the SEAT Ibiza.

Verdict: It’s been a hard fought battle between these two superminis, and while the Ford Fiesta will undoubtedly remain the most popular purchase for UK buyers, for us the SEAT Ibiza just clinches the deal, winning three out of the four rounds.

If you’re in the market for a new car and like the sound of either the SEAT Ibiza or Ford Fiesta, why not let The Car Loan Warehouse give you a help with the finances? Whether you’re on the hunt for a new or used model, we have a number of Ford Fiesta finance and Seat Ibiza finance options available. Want to find out more? Get a quick quote with our online car finance calculator today!

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Jon Le Roux is co-founder and company director of The Car Loan Warehouse. Being a mad engineering and motorsport enthusiast, I spend more hours than is healthy, watching, reading or talking about cars, boats, motorbikes…..basically anything with an engine.