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Seat Finance – New or Used Seat

  • The Car Loan Warehouse | Seat Finance – New or Used Seat
  • The Car Loan Warehouse | Seat Finance – New or Used Seat
  • The Car Loan Warehouse | Seat Finance – New or Used Seat
  • The Car Loan Warehouse | Seat Finance – New or Used Seat

Looking to buy a new/used Seat? Need Seat Finance?

seat leon financeWhether you’ve found the right Seat already or are still looking, The Car Loan Warehouse is in a great position to arrange Seat finance at competitive rates.

We’re happy to approve customers for finance before they actually find the Seat in question, leaving them free to shop with the peace of mind that they can quickly complete the purchase when satisfied.

A unique service we also offer is the ability to provide Seat finance for private sales. This is something we have developed over some time and it’s proving extremely popular with customers as there are several benefits associated with private sales.

Applying for Seat finance is quick and simple. Our online car finance application takes 3 minutes to complete and one of our skilled car finance advisors will be in touch as quickly as possible so you can start searching for the right Seat.

Seat, A Brief History

Seat SA (the Sociedad Española de Automóviles de Turismo) was founded in May 1950. The first plant was in Barcelona, with a workforce of 925 employees they manufactured the first SEAT car, a 1400 model. This was an extravagant, elegant and spacious vehicle appropriate for use as a taxi.

June 1957 saw the production of the SEAT 600 in order to meet the growing demand for a more economic vehicle for the emerging Spanish middle class. Because it was more accessible it started an enormous motoring era in Spanish history.

1980 saw the launch of the SEAT Panda with practical features like removable seat covers. Its diverse range and limited editions saw it quickly become a fashionable car especially among the younger generation of drivers.

SEAT and Volkswagen signed Industrial and commercial cooperation agreements on September 30th 1982. In 1983 they began exporting to other parts of Europe as they gained recognition with their Mediterranean style mixed with German technology.

The first batch of SEAT Ibiza models were available in April 1984 and are considered by SEAT themselves as their most charismatic car. It is a result of the relationship between the Italian designer Giugiaro, German engineering company Karmann, sports-car manufacturer Porsche and SEAT.

In June 1986 Volkswagen bought 51% of SEAT and by the end of the year had increased this to 75%, and then to 99.99% in 1990. The company continues to produce a range of popular cars providing an exciting mix of fun and excellent engineering. Because they are both Spanish and German they refer to themselves as passionate perfectionists!

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