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Car Wars Wednesdays: Vauxhall Mokka vs. Nissan Qashqai

July 6, 2016

It’s Wednesday! You’ve made it halfway through the week and, to celebrate, we’re bringing you the latest edition of Car Wars. Today, you’ll find out how the Vauxhall Mokka compares to the mighty Nissan Qashqai – and this battle of the compact crossovers is going to be a tough one.

To decide which small SUV takes the trophy when it comes to the Mokka vs Qashqai, it all comes down to the design, features, performance and price. With competition running high, we’ll give you a heads-up on car finance, too – so you can get your hands on the keys to one of these award-winning all-rounders sooner than you think!


There’s no doubt that the Nissan Qashqai is one of the most desirable crossovers on the market. From the well-built dashboard to the practically placed buttons and easy-to-use infotainment system, this compact crossover makes comfort a priority. The raised ride height provides an excellent view of the road, and the Qashqai commands control in every aspect – right from its provocative profile to the interior ambient lighting and spinal supporting seats.

The Mokka might offer less boot space than the Qashqai, but its 256 litres should give you all the storage space you need. With an abundance of headroom and handy storage bins scattered throughout the cabin, this small SUV is plenty spacious considering its compact size. The muscular lines and bold chrome front grille mean that the Vauxhall Mokka boasts one of the sleekest exterior designs on the market – giving it plenty of aesthetic appeal.

Couple bags of interior storage space with cutting-edge aesthetics, and this round goes to the Vauxhall Mokka.


Vauxhall is so confident in its ability to deliver that it even offers a ‘Lifetime’ guarantee – so you can roam the roads up to 100,000 miles with peace of mind that you’re covered by this extensive warranty. With DAB radio coming as standard, Mokka trims come with the option of USB connectivity, dual-climate control and electric folding door mirrors.

As well as the innovative interior infotainment system, the Qashqai is an attractive SUV that’s all about safety. The Nissan Safety Shield option is a revolutionary system that not only senses its surroundings, but also has the capability to assist in handling the unexpected. With an easy-to-use Sat-Nav system, a 360-degree camera and self-parking capabilities, the Qashqai is storms ahead on the features front.

The competition is close, but there’s no denying the importance of safety. The innovation and ingenuity of the Nissan Safety Shield means the Qashqai scoops this round.

Performance & handling

The Qashqai’s bump-absorbing suspension and heavy steering at speed makes this beauty a wise choice for a smooth long-distance ride. With models capable of reaching speeds of 124mph, there’s no doubt this model is a capable performer. Whether it’s the 1.2 Visia petrol model or the 1.6 Tekna diesel , you’ll be hurtling along the highway as the Qashqai completes the 0-62mph sprint in 9.1-11.9 seconds.

The Mokka’s light and responsive steering makes this crossover the ultimate choice for city driving. The compact design makes parking a breeze, but that’s not to say you won’t be hitting high speeds in this British beauty. Whether you’re after the two or four-wheel drive, or choosing between the 1.4 litre turbocharged petrol engine and the 1.6 litre DCTi, rugged terrain and long distances will be no problem for this car. With the 1.6i petrol’s five-speed manual box, the Mokka makes it from 0-62mph in 12.5 seconds, and can reach a modest 106mph. Upgrade to the 1.4 litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine and you’ll enjoy a far healthier 0-62mph time of 9.9 seconds – topping out at 120mph.

In terms of performance and handling, there’s no contest. The Nissan Qashqai wins this race.


With the entry-level Vauxhall Mokka price tag set at just £16,789, you’ll get what you pay for when you invest in this small SUV. Upgrade to the top of the range and you’ll find this high-performing Vauxhall Mokka for sale for less than £30k.

At entry-level, the Nissan Qashqai Visia could be yours for a cool £18,545. Upgrade to the Acentia and you’ll find a Nissan Qashqai for sale from £20,210. Topping the range is the Nissan Qashqai Tekna, with a price tag of an affordable £24,290.

For an impressive balance of price and performance, this round is the Qashqai’s.

Verdict: winning 3 out of 4 rounds, we’re crowning the Nissan Qashqai this week’s winner! The Vauxhall Mokka certainly gaven the Qashqai a run for its money, but you can’t argue with a crossover of this calibre.

If the battle of the Vauxhall Mokka vs Qashqai has left you longing for a compact SUV of your own, check out the range of competitive car finance options available with The Car Loan Warehouse. Whether you’re after a Vauxhall Mokka or Nissan Qashqai, deals are available to suit your circumstances – helping you to get out on the road in no time.

Apply online for a quick quote and you could drive off the forecourt sooner than you think! Not sure what options are out there? Head over to our online car finance calculator to see how much you could afford to borrow.

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