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Audi A1 Review

July 7, 2016

The supermini market has evolved over recent years – namely in that price is no longer the strongest selling point in what was, traditionally, a budget buyers’ domain. There has been a visible shift towards a demand for innovative design, quality and luxury – and to meet this change in demand, the premium supermini was born.

The Audi badge is synonymous with quality, reliability and luxury, and the A1 more than delivers on these fronts. Since its launch in 2010, this supermini has gone from strength to strength and sold like proverbial hot cakes in the process. And as if the model wasn’t sleek enough already, a 2015 facelift means buyers can now enjoy a sexier A1 than ever before.

With its quirky design, aggressive and sharp lines, opulent interior and great resale value, it’s easy to see why this stylish supermini is so popular with premium buyers. In today’s Audi A1 review, we’re climbing inside the car – arming you with the information you need to buy with confidence.


As with any Audi, the sharp styling and stunning interior sets the A1 apart from its rivals. As well as its world-famous badge, it’s curvaceous body, large grille and piercing headlights help this model make a serious statement.

Classy and compact, interior space is sufficient upfront – although the rear seats are snug, limiting you to shorter journeys with adults or children in the back. Boot space, however, is ample – something that rival MINI has been criticised for falling short on. This supermini offers the best of both worlds: it boasts the power and technology of a supercar, while its slim design makes it ideal for city parking.


Air-conditioning, DAB radio and a manually retractable MMI screen come as standard in all models, and the potential for technology upgrades make the A1 a particularly practical option. Innovation is at the forefront of Audi’s ethos, with tech options including keyless entry and ignition, as well as Audi drive select – meaning you can choose between dynamic, comfort and efficiency driving modes with ease.

The Audi A1 Sportback comes with an SD memory card reader as standard, but upgrading from the SE to the Sport, S Line and Black Edition will unlock additional features such as Bluetooth mobile connectivity and voice control, too.

Performance & Handling

The A1 does the Audi badge justice in the performance department. The ride is firm but not uncomfortable, while handling is predictable and sharp – making the A1 a real pleasure to drive. At entry-level, A1s come with a 1.0-litre three-cylinder petrol engine – and with 94bhp, they’re an ideal choice for an agile city runaround.

For a long-distance driver, opting for the 1.6-litre diesels or 1.4-litre petrols may be more suitable. With five and six-speed manual gearboxes included respectively, it’s all about the added extras with the A1 – there’s even the opportunity to upgrade to Audi’s seven-speed S tronic automatic transmission. At the top of the range, the four-wheel drive 2.0-litre S1 is the pinnacle of the A1 lineup – but blink and you’ll miss it, as this speedy supermini can make it from 0-62mph in under six seconds.

The most ferocious in the range is without doubt the Audi A1 Quattro, which comes locked and loaded with a 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo engine, providing 252bhp.

The three trim levels (SE, Sport and S line) come with different suspension systems and, therefore, varying level of comfort. Overall, the A1 provides a comfy and enjoyable drive, and is more than capable of staying in control when cornering. On top of that, accurate steering makes travelling at high speeds all the more thrilling.

Economy figures are optimised by well-thought-out gearing, meaning the engine won’t rev too high at motorway speeds. With fuel consumption ranging from 57.6 – 76.3mpg, and CO2 emissions under 100g/km, these cars are exempt from road tax and come with low running costs, too! Better yet, engines are quiet and refined and feature an unobtrusive start-stop system as standard. What’s not to love?

Audi A1 prices

On the road prices begin at £14,530 for the entry level 1.0 TFSI model. As you might expect with Audi, the A1 comes with a premium price tag – with the range-topping model coming in just shy of £26,500. All engines in the range are turbocharged and more than capable – while the basic 1.0-litre petrol engines are perky and well-suited to city driving without falling short on the motorway.

Our pick of the range is the 1.4 TFSI 125PS Sport model. The Sport trim provides the optimum level of comfort and quality, while the 1.4-litre engine is fun to drive and strikes a rare balance of performance and economy, boasting 53 mpg – impressive figures for a car that can complete the 0-60mph sprint in 8.9 seconds and reach speeds exceeding 125 mph. You’ll find this 7-speed S tronic Audi A1 for sale just under the £18,500 mark – although you can’t put a price on the fun that comes with owning this supermini.

Audi A1 finance

It’s no surprise that, as the leaders in luxury, Audis come at quite a cost. Luckily, though, this magnificent model doesn’t have to be reserved for drivers with bigger budgets. Applying for Audi finance means you can skip straight to the good bit – safe in the knowledge that you’re covered with a manageable monthly repayment plan.

See how easy it is to convert the £15k price tag into a series of affordable monthly instalments by trying out our car loan calculator. At The Car Loan Warehouse, we give car buyers access to the UK’s leading lenders – meaning we can find a range of Audi A1 deals designed to suit your circumstances. Whether you’re buying new or used, Audi A1 loans make this luxurious supermini accessible to drivers of all budgets.

Now is the time to look for a competitive deal on a new or used Audi A1. Take a look at some of this German giant’s other popular models with our range of Audi reviews – or get in the driver’s seat today by applying online for Audi A1 finance.

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