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Nissan GT-R vs Lamborghini Huracan: Supercar Battle

January 26, 2016


  • Two of the UK’s most popular supercars go head to head
  • At £60,000 cheaper, will the technologically advanced Nissan GT-R beat the Italian thoroughbred Huracan?

Today we’re pitting the striking Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 against the legendary Nissan GT-R Nismo. While these beasts may share similarities when it comes to performance specs, they’re entirely different under the hood – and at £60,000 cheaper, is the Nissan GT-R a no brainer?


Infographic: Original images by Ben and Kārlis Dambrāns


In-depth: the Nissan GT-R Nismo

Essentially a computerised rocket on wheels, the insanely quick Nissan GT-R is already a legend in the automotive industry. Hot out of Nissan’s Nismo performance department, the tuned up GT-R Nismo edition is the flagship model in Nissan’s performance line-up.

The addition of new, upgraded carbon fibre spoilers on the front and rear bumpers and tail add an additional 100kg of downforce at speed – giving the GT-R Nismo edition even more grip than its previous incarnations.

New high output turbocharges and a reprogrammed ECU are responsible for the increase in bhp, bringing the GT-R Nismo firmly into supercar territory at 591bhp! Handling has also been taken to the next level with the addition of new Bilstein suspension setup, improving stability and grip in the corners.

While the Nissan GT-R may pale in comparison to the Lambo when it comes to design, its rugged and functional form holds its own appeal. One of the key differences between the GT-R and Huracan is practicality. The Nissan GT-R offers supercar thrills in a car that you can actually use everyday. Drive to work? No problem. Speed bumps? No problem. Luggage? No problem. The Lamborghini may be perfect for cruising around the streets of Knightsbridge or hitting the hilly roads around St. Tropez, but beyond that, you’d be too scared to take it off the driveway for fear of getting a scratch on its pristine bodywork.

On top of that, the GT-R’s blistering handling and physics-defying acceleration can’t be beaten by the Huracan – so is it a simple case of style versus substance in this battle?

In-depth: the Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4

As Lamborghini’s replacement for the incredibly popular, yet tired, Gallardo, the Huracan had some big shoes to fill. And, judging from its rave reviews, the Lamborghini appears to have ticked all of the necessary boxes. Sharing its chassis and components with the excellent Audi R8, Lamborghini was onto a winning formula with the Huracan – right from the get-go.

Lamborghinis are known for their razor sharp stylings and the Huracan doesn’t disappoint. With its fighter-jet like stance, sharp angles and aggressive front end, the Huracan LP 610-4 is guaranteed to turn heads for all the right reasons – and looks are certainly a strong part of its appeal.

But is the Huracan just a pretty face? Quite the contrary! Turning its back to the turbo-charging trend, the Italian manufacturer has stuck to its guns with the legendary 5.2 litre naturally aspirated V10 – capable of a massive 610bhp, slightly more than the heavier Nissan GT-R. Despite the ridiculous engine displacement, the Lamborghini has managed to maintain a respectable mpg figure through the addition of a start-stop system and more efficient fuel injectors.

Offering precise steering, plenty of grip and bags of acceleration, the Huracan offers slightly more accessible thrills than its predecessor. Historically known for pretty and wild – yet impractical – supercars, it seems Lamborghini has finally managed to tame the beast with the Huracan, making it one of the most practical and best handling Lamborghinis yet.

So how does it compare to the GT-R? If style, elegance and Italian supercar history play a part in your wish-list, the Lamborghini is the perfect specimen – but pretty looks come at a pretty price. And while the GT-R may offer better acceleration, more predictable handling and everyday usability, is that really the reason you buy a supercar? With its raw engineering, stunning looks, racing heritage running through its veins and thrilling performance figures, the Lamborghini Huracan offers a truly authentic supercar experience – with a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that the Nissan simply can’t touch.

The verdict

Sharing wall space with Kelly Brook in teenage bedrooms the world over, these cars both qualify as pin-up material. The choice really comes down to your budget and whether it’s cutting edge performance or razor sharp looks and a Lamborghini badge that ticks your boxes. We’re all about value for money, and while the Huracan is certainly a stunner, the GT-R gives you more bang for your buck and can smoke pretty much anything shy of a Formula 1 car on the track – so in our book, it’s the winner!


Header image: Original images by David Villarreal Fernández and RSdBarros

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