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Review: the Vauxhall Adam

January 22, 2015

Two years ago, Vauxhall released the Vauxhall Adam, a supermini designed to go head-to-head with rivals like the Audi DS and the Mini. So far, they’ve sold well over 22,000 units in the UK and that number is still on the rise. The main reasons for the car’s success are its style, its size and its unique customisability. Late last year, its range grew with the addition of the Vauxhall Adam Rocks Air, an SUV version of the Adam with a sun roof. This year, its already very diverse range is expanded even further with the addition of the performance focused Vauxhall Adam Grand Slam.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s take a look at the UK’s most customisable supermini in today’s Vauxhall Adam review.


Sitting right on the borderline between city car and supermini, the Vauxhall Adam manages to hold its own against rivals from both segments. It manages to be fun and funky, while still remaining stylish and modern. However its biggest visual impact is made by its large offering of customisable options. The Vauxhall Adam has an incredible range decal packs, roof and body colour and wheel size and colour, so you can really create a car to fit your style. Climb inside to find a similar vast array of options available to you, including different kinds of seat finishes, trim inserts and roof linings. In total there is more than 30.000 different combinations between all these options, so if you want to have the feeling of driving a wholly unique car, the Vauxhall Adam is where it is at.


Even if you don’t customise, the Vauxhall Adam comes with plenty of standard kit, including stability control, six airbags, air con, Bluetooth and a DAB radio. And we should mention the starlight ceiling lining option. Fork out a bit of extra cash and they’ll fit your ceiling lining with 64 LEDs to create a beautiful starry night ambience. You used to have to call MTV to get features like that, but now Vauxhall are offering this luxury without any help from the Pimp My Ride team.


The Vauxhall Adam gets a choice of three petrol engines; a 1.2-litre 69bhp and a 1.4-litre with two power outputs, 86pbh and 99bhp, although the aforementioned Grand Slam comes with a turbocharged version of the 1.4. The Adam is certainly fast enough, and more than holds its own on the motorway, with the 1.2 making it from 0-60mph in 14.3 seconds. The fuel economy ranges between 53mpg and 56mpg – which isn’t the best in its class, but certainly isn’t bad. And if you invest Start/Stop tech, the Adam will lower its CO2 emissions to a respectable 114g/km.


Vauxhall Adam reviews praise the car’s handling pretty consistently. The Adam is quick, springy and grips the tarmac really well. It turns well on low revs and retains its composure even at high speeds – and its suspension will muffle even the biggest jolts from jumping a curb. Combine all this with the Adam’s delightfully compact body and you’ve got yourself a supermini that’s perfect for any urban area.

With an entry price of £11,455, the Adam is by no means a hefty investment. And if you fancy getting your own Vauxhall Adam on finance, we can help with that. Check out our Vauxhall finance page for more information and try out our loan calculator to get an instant quote today.

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Jon Le Roux is co-founder and company director of The Car Loan Warehouse. Being a mad engineering and motorsport enthusiast, I spend more hours than is healthy, watching, reading or talking about cars, boats, motorbikes…..basically anything with an engine.