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Personality Quiz: What’s Your Automaker?

December 3, 2013

Ever wondered which kind of car fits your personality? Possibly not – but now, thanks to us, you can know for sure! Take this personality quiz for a spin to see which brand you’d be.




1. What’s your idea of a perfect vacation?


A)   Hiking through the muddy mountains – anything that brings you closer to Mother Nature and gets you very dirty in the process.

B)   Paris, Venice, Cologne – somewhere European with a bit of culture and sophistication.

C)   Butlins, Center Parcs, or how about a weekend at Alton Towers? Anywhere close – as long as you don’t have to reach into your wallet for the plane tickets, you’re happy.

D)   A weekend away from the family and work at a luxury spa, getting every pampering treatment known to man.

E)   A midweek drinking trip to Edinburgh because Thursday morning work hangovers are great fun.


2.  You’re at the bar. What’s your poison?


A)   A pint of lager and you don’t mind which brand. You’re a man – lager is lager.

B)   A dry martini, complete with an olive – shaken and not stirred.

C)   You’d love a diet coke if they’ve got it, and no, Pepsi’s not alright. Accept no substitutes.

D)   Cocktails all round! You don’t care what’s in it as long as it comes with an umbrella and a twisty straw.

E)   Double vodka and coke. Wait a minute – does this place do triples?


3. Your friends are going to the cinema, what are you hoping you’ll get to see?


A)   The latest action film – doesn’t matter what, as long as there are plenty of guns, explosions and scantily clad ladies

B)   The latest Sundance award winner – in Spanish with subtitles, obviously.

C)   A family-friendly comedy, probably rated-U. We did say with your friends and not your kids, right?

D)   The latest rom-com/chick flick – you don’t care if that’s not what everyone had in mind, that’s what’s happening.

E)   You’re not so worried about the movie, you just hope the guy who takes your tickets doesn’t find those 4 cans in your bag before you get a chance to crack them open.


4. How are you with money?


A)   You spend what you like when you like, even when it’s not your money!

B)   Money doesn’t matter to you – you’ve got too much of the stuff to care.

C)   You try your best to save for that gadget you’ve got your eye on, but something more important always comes up first and you choose practicality over novelty every time.

D)   You have enough to manage – you’d like a little more but you love buying new things and showing them off so you never manage to save.

E)   What money? Every penny you have seems to mysteriously disappear – you’d rather spend it on good times than good stuff.


5. You’ve got a problem stopping you from moving forward – how do you deal with it?


A)   STRAIGHT THROUGH IT! Or over it – you’ll just brute force your way past the problem. Violence is always the answer.

B)   Throw money at the problem – money fixes everything.

C)   Just keep doing what you’re doing. The problem will probably definitely just solve itself.

D)   Talk to someone about it; a problem shared is a problem halved.

E)   Go backwards – throw fate a curveball see what happens. You can tackle that problem in a year or two when you feel up to it.


6. Your car is making a weird grinding noise – what to do?


A)   Something you drove over must have gotten stuck. Just keep going – nothing slows you down.

B)   Take it to a manufacturer-recommended garage, get a full check-up and have it repaired by the specialists.

C)   It’s always made that noise, what do you mean it’s not supposed to sound like that?

D)   Ask the boyfriend to take a look at it. He’s a man, he watches Top Gear, he knows this kind of stuff.

E)   Replace the cable ties that were holding your not-so-legal gigantic exhaust in place.


7. What’s your motto in life?


A)   Whatever you do, always make sure you’ve got a good alibi.

B)   Winning is everything – second place is first loser.

C)   Slow and steady wins the race.

D)   In the words of Cyndi Lauper herself, ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’.

E)   YOLO.


8. In school, you…


A)   Were voted the most likely to be expelled for hitting a teacher!

B)   Were voted most likely to succeed.

C)   Moved from place to place unnoticed.

D)   Took up a full-page spread in the yearbook, since you’re popular and the little people are of no consequence.

E)   Provided comic relief if nothing else.


9. Which best describes your style?


A)   You don’t need style when you’ve got enormous guns.

B)   Anything designer – unless it’s a massive corporate brand, in which case you couldn’t possibly be seen dead wearing it.

C)   Comfortable and casual – you don’t care if it’s from Primark or Asda, and the cheap price tag is just a bonus.

D)   You’re indie to the bone – an individual, just like everyone else.

E)   Your wardrobe doesn’t define you – you’re young, you’re free and Saturday night isn’t going to fund itself.


10. If you could have any car in the world, what would it be?


A)   AMG Mercedes G-Wagon.

B)   A red Ferrari Enzo, named after Italian race car driver, Enzo Anselmo Ferrari – founder of the company, and father of Ferrari as we know it.

C)   Audi A3 Sportback, Winner of Whatcar’s Small Family Car of the Year 2013.

D)   A bright pink beetle – and can I get flowers painted on it too? YAY! 😀

E)   The new Mitsubishi Evo with the wide body kit, big spoiler and that same giant exhaust on your ‘well-cool’ Corsa.



Done? Tally up your As, Bs and Cs and see how you fared.

Mostly As

Hummer: you’re the brute, the big guy, the one who won’t let anything get in his way.

Mostly Bs

Aston Martin: just like James Bond. Smart, sophisticated, licensed to thrill.

Mostly Cs

Skoda: you’re not a frontrunner, you don’t stand out in a crowd – but you’re reliable and honest, and that’s the way you like it.

Mostly Ds

Mazda: the girliest of our manufacturers – that’s fine, if you’re a woman. If not, you might want to take the test again for the sake of your reputation.

Mostly Es

Mini: Not the Clubman, not the new Mini. You’re an old Mini – cheap to insure, cheap to repair, cheap to modify. Ideal for today’s young, cash-strapped driver.

About The Author

Jon Le Roux is co-founder and company director of The Car Loan Warehouse. Being a mad engineering and motorsport enthusiast, I spend more hours than is healthy, watching, reading or talking about cars, boats, motorbikes…..basically anything with an engine.