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HUDWAY App and Glass: Safe Driving, Whatever the Weather

May 7, 2015

When it comes to driving, whether you’re a learner or a seasoned pro – you can’t be too careful when driving in poor weather conditions. While we’re usually advised to steer clear of the roads when there’s heavy snowfall or driving rain – it’s not always feasible, and that’s where the HUDWAY app comes in.

Thanks to HUDWAY driving app, driving in poor weather conditions just got a whole lot safer! The app is designed to ensure drivers remain alert and safety-conscious at all times, without getting distracted by audio commands or complicated maps. Coupled with the HUDWAY Glass car accessory, this app provides optimum visibility, no matter what the weather.




First thing to note is the cost: there isn’t one! The HUDWAY app is completely free and available for all smartphones. Once downloaded and programmed to your routes, the app no longer needs an internet connection to work – meaning you can access it at all times, in any weather. If you are heading to locations where signal is likely to be poor, simply pre-load your routes before you arrive there.

What is it?

The HUDWAY application is available to smartphone users. Unlike other navigation systems, the HUDWAY app is designed to keep the driver focused and allow them to concentrate on the road – rather than trying to decipher audio directions. When weather conditions are particularly severe and visibility is poor, the HUDWAY app can assist you on your journey – without you needing to focus on the screen or listen out for audio commands. This means that your full attention can remain on the road ahead.

How does it work?

When weather conditions are poor, you (or a passenger if you’re already driving) can start the HUDWAY app and enter your destination. The app will build the route and once you choose the Head-Up Display (HUD) mode, you can begin (or continue) your journey. When you place your smartphone on the dashboard, the easy-to-follow HUD works by reflecting all of the relevant information onto the car windshield. And unlike the commanding audio presence you get with standard navigation systems, the Voice Assistant acts more like a co-driver, warning you about dangerous bends in the road before you reach them.



For the truly safety-conscious driver, the HUDWAY Glass accessory is also available. This works with any app with HUD functionality – but for optimum performance, it’s most effective when coupled with the matching HUDWAY app. For just over £30 ($49), the HUDWAY Glass system will work in any car, in any country – and most importantly, in any weather condition.

What is it?

As well as being a holder for your phone, the HUDWAY Glass optimises the projection capabilities of your phone’s screen. Using a curved lens to focus the reflected image and create a clear Head-Up Display, it is designed to allow the driver to focus on the road – whatever the weather conditions. The real focal point of the Glass system is that the HUD reflection is also visible in sunlight – meaning it can be used at any time of day or night.

How does it work?

When the app is running, the HUDWAY Glass perfectly reflects the image on your smart phone’s screen – creating the illusion that it’s floating around two metres in front of your car. This means that you don’t have to squint to see the small screen as with most navigation systems. The images are sharp and thanks to the specially designed optics, the screen remains visible whether you’re driving in complete darkness or blazing sunshine.

In terms of navigation, HUDWAY have minimised our interaction with in-car systems to maximise our concentration on the road. With their clever and unique approach to safety, it shouldn’t be long before we see an increase in the number of cars using the HUDWAY app and sporting a HUDWAY Glass system.

About The Author

Jon Le Roux is co-founder and company director of The Car Loan Warehouse. Being a mad engineering and motorsport enthusiast, I spend more hours than is healthy, watching, reading or talking about cars, boats, motorbikes…..basically anything with an engine.