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Volvo Finance – New or Used Volvo

  • The Car Loan Warehouse | Volvo Finance – New or Used Volvo
  • The Car Loan Warehouse | Volvo Finance – New or Used Volvo
  • The Car Loan Warehouse | Volvo Finance – New or Used Volvo
  • The Car Loan Warehouse | Volvo Finance – New or Used Volvo

Looking to buy a new/used Volvo? Need Volvo Finance?

Volvo-C30-S40-V50-1Whether you’ve found the right Volvo already or are still looking, The Car Loan Warehouse is in a great position to arrange Volvo finance at competitive rates.

We’re happy to approve customers for finance before they actually find the Volvo in question, leaving them free to shop with the peace of mind that they can quickly complete the purchase when satisfied.

A unique service we also offer is the ability to provide Volvo finance for private sales. This is something we have developed over some time and can save you a fortune off dealer forecourt prices.

Applying for Volvo finance is quick and simple. Our online car finance application takes 3 minutes to complete and one of our skilled car finance advisors will be in touch as quickly as possible so you can start searching for the right Volvo.

Volvo, A Brief History

Volvo is a Swedish multinational company and the biggest Scandinavian car maker, headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden. The company produces cars, trucks, buses and construction equipment. Volvo’s name means “I roll” in Latin – it was a reference to ball bearing, as the company was a spin-off from ball-bearing manufacturer SKF. Its logo is a Swedish symbol for iron (representing rolling strength), and its slogan is “Volvo for life”, referring to the reliability and safety of their cars.

Volvo produced its first car in 1927 but its cars did not become popular outside Sweden until after World War II. The main purpose of the company was to produce the safest car possible, after the wife of one of its founders died in a car accident.  Their cars are known for safety, quality, reliability, environmental awareness and conservative styling.

Volvo produced a number of legendary cars. PV444 was the first true small car and the best sold model in the 60’s. P1800 was their first sports car, so famous that it featured in the hit TV series “The Saint” where it was driven by Roger Moore. The most successful Volvo of all time was the 240 series, sold in more than 4 million units. The US traffic safety administration bought a number of 240s and used them to set the safety standards against which all new cars in the US were tested. Volvo 850 was introduced in 1991 – it has since earned more than 40 international awards, including the Good Design Grand Prize. Two American surveys in 1991 cited Volvo as the safest car on the market.

In 1999 Volvo was sold to American Ford Motor Company who sold it to the Chinese motor manufacturer Geely Automobile in 2010.

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