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Subaru Finance – New or Used Subaru

Looking to buy a new/used Subaru? Need Subaru Finance?

Subaru car financeWhether you’ve found the right Subaru already or are still looking, The Car Loan Warehouse is in a great position to arrange Subaru finance at competitive rates.

We’re happy to approve customers for finance before they actually find the Subaru in question, leaving them free to shop with the peace of mind that they can quickly complete the purchase when satisfied.

A unique service we also offer is the ability to provide Subaru finance for private sales. This is something we have developed over some time and it’s proving extremely popular with customers as there are several benefits associated with private sales.

Applying for Subaru finance is quick and simple. Our online car finance application takes 3 minutes to complete and one of our skilled car finance advisors will be in touch as quickly as possible so you can start searching for the right Subaru.

Subaru, A Brief History

Subaru is renowned for offering turbocharged versions of their passenger cars, making them more powerful and efficient as the turbine forces more air and more fuel into the combustion chamber than atmospheric pressure alone.  The majority of their cars over 1500cc also use boxer engines, and since 1972 all-wheel drive has become fairly standard of most of their models.

Subaru’s parent company, Fuji Heavy Industries, was originally formed in 1917 as The Aircraft Research Laboratory.  They created their first road vehicle in 1946 after World War II when they created the Fuji Rabbit Motor Scooter, which they made from spare aircraft parts.  The name Subaru is the Japanese name for the cluster of stars known as Pleiades.

Their first car, the Subaru 1500 was made in tiny quantities, only 20 being made in 1954. Next was the popular 360, receiving its name because of its 360cc engine capacity.  It was a small, peculiar looking car that was designed in accordance with Japan’s strict rules on size, well-liked because of its unique style.

Since the early days Subaru have continued to develop their style, the most significant revolution was the Legacy saloon estate.  This car is now in its fifth generation, evidence to the success of this type of vehicle.

The Subaru Impreza, however, has earned the Japanese manufacturer a place in history, first introduced into the market in1993 and now in its fourth generation, this car continues to hold a massive cult following.

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