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The UK Dangerous Driving Habits Study: Full Data Breakdown

At The Car Loan Warehouse, we conducted a study into bad driving habits across the UK on a mission to find out which of these on-road offences British drivers couldn’t help but commit. With possible responses ranging from using your phone and applying make-up to driving while drowsy and neglecting to wear a seatbelt, we wanted to find dangerous driving habits were the most popular of the lot.

After being asked the question ‘which of these bad habits are you guilty of while driving?’, 1000 participants across the UK spilled the beans on their most shameful parts of their on-road routine – and the results are below, segmented by gender, age bracket and location.


Topline results:

Eating and drinking: 31.6%

Driving while tired: 28.0%

Speeding: 26.4%

Using your phone: 13.0%

Not wearing a seatbelt: 10.5%

Applying make-up: 6.8%

Other: 15.1%



Eating and drinking: 31.2%

Driving while tired: 29.5%

Speeding: 27.8%

Using your phone: 14.4%

Not wearing a seatbelt: 12.2%

Applying make-up: 7.1%

Other: 10.0%



Eating and drinking: 34.8%

Speeding: 24.3%

Driving while tired: 24.3%

Using your phone: 12.7%

Not wearing a seatbelt: 8.8%

Applying make-up: 6.1%

Other: 19.9%



Driving while tired: 30.9%

Eating and drinking: 26.5%

Using your phone: 19.9%

Speeding: 16.9%

Not wearing a seatbelt: 14.0%

Applying make-up: 12.5%

Other: 19.1%



Eating and drinking: 33.7%

Speeding: 31.3%

Driving while tired: 30.7%

Using your phone: 16.0%

Not wearing a seatbelt: 12.9%

Applying make-up: 5.5%

Other: 13.5%



Eating and drinking: 38.2%

Driving while tired: 26.8%

Speeding: 26.1%

Using your phone: 16.6%

Not wearing a seatbelt: 12.7%

Applying make-up: 6.4%

Other: 12.1%



Eating and drinking: 35.9%

Driving while tired: 29.7%

Speeding: 25.5%

Using your phone: 9.7%

Applying make-up: 5.5%

Not wearing a seatbelt: 4.1%

Other: 11.7%



Speeding: 31.6%

Eating and drinking: 27.6%

Driving while tired: 25.5%

Not wearing a seatbelt: 9.2%

Using your phone: 8.2%

Applying make-up: 3.1%

Other: 17.3%



Speeding: 31.3%

Eating and drinking: 29.9%

Driving while tired: 11.9%

Not wearing a seatbelt: 4.5%

Applying make-up: 4.5%

Using your phone: 3.0%

Other: 19.4%



Eating and drinking: 30.5%

Driving while tired: 29.0%

Speeding: 27.6%

Using your phone: 12.4%

Not wearing a seatbelt: 10.5%

Applying make-up: 6.2%

Other: 15.3%



Eating and drinking: 36.6%

Driving while tired: 25.0%

Speeding: 21.3%

Using your phone: 14.6%

Applying make-up: 9.1%

Not wearing a seatbelt: 6.7%

Other: 12.2%



Eating and drinking: 31.8%

Speeding: 13.6%

Using your phone: 9.1%

Not wearing a seatbelt: 9.1%

Driving while tired: 9.1%

Applying make-up: 4.5%

Other: 31.8%


Northern Ireland:

Driving while tired: 36.7%

Not wearing a seatbelt: 26.7%

Eating and drinking: 26.7%

Using your phone: 20.0%

Speeding: 20.0%

Applying make-up: 10.0%

Other: 13.3%


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