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Buying A Used Car From A Dealer or Private Sale?

Buying a used car

How to negotiate the sale price when buying a car

When it comes to agreeing on a sale price for a used car, don’t be afraid of haggling. Be prepared with facts and figures before you inspect the vehicle.

  • Be aware of the market value and what you’ll be willing to pay
  • Start your bidding low and let the seller work the price up
  • Make reference to any faults with the car and the associated cost of repair
  • A tank of fuel or a service can be a good negotiating tool
  • If you can’t come to an agreement, remember there are plenty of other cars available

Completing the paperwork

A car’s history should all be in the paperwork and therefore this must be check thoroughly.

  • Check all paperwork looks and feels genuine – photocopies and print outs could be fake
  • Ensure the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) recorded in the logbook matches the ones displayed in the car, and the address and recorded keeper’s information tallies with the person selling the car
  • Examine the service history to make sure the recorded mileage is in line with the mileage displayed in the car, and that regular maintenance has been carried out.

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