The Car Loan Warehouse|WAGmobile Wednesdays: The BMW i3

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WAGmobile Wednesdays: The BMW i3

September 3, 2014

The Car Loan Warehouse|WAGmobile Wednesdays: The BMW i3

If you’re looking for a weekly dose of extravagant celebrity rides, you’ve come to the right place! WAGmobile Wednesdays is your go-to guide for the cars of the stars and, as ever, they range from sublime to the ridiculous. In this week’s edition of WAGmobile Wednesdays, we’re taking a look at the game-changing BMW i3 and its A-list owner, Anne Hathaway.

  • BMW’s first electric car
  • Comes in 3 luxurious optional set-ups!
  • Available from just £30,680

Making waves across the world is BMW’s first electric car, the impressive i3. This sweet little hatch is every inch an electrifying car, with its futuristic styling and battery power. Available in three luxurious optional set-ups – Lodge, Loft and Suite – the 5-door, rear-wheel drive i3 comes with a choice of two engines: the fully electric version or the range extender version. The i3 is kitted out with revolutionary carbon fibre and aluminium construction, and now the eco-friendly i3 has another claim to fame – glamorous A-lister Anne Hathaway.

The BMW i3 was given to Anne as part of a publicity stunt to boost sales, and it’s clear that this tactic worked – as the Tinseltown paparazzi couldn’t resist tailing the megastar going for a spin in her tangerine bimmer. The actress can utilise the BMW i3’s nifty iDrive with a touchpad top, fingerpainting her destination to craftily slip by the shutterbugs. The dash of the i3 is recycled with treated eucalyptus wood, allowing this A-lister to travel with elegance and class.

The Car Loan Warehouse|WAGmobile Wednesdays: The BMW i3

Original image by Nan Palmero

This sexy hatch comes in two engine versions – the fully electric and the range extender – delivering a modest top speed of 93 mph and surging from 0-60 mph in an impressive 7.2 seconds – making good time for a supermini! The fully electric i3 can travel up to 100 miles on battery power alone, keeping fuel emissions at an all-time low. The range extender version with its two-cylinder petrol engine and 9 litre fuel tank allows the i3 to go further when the battery runs low.

If you want to get your hands on this battery-charged BMW, it costs £30,680 for the fully electric version, and up to £33,380 for the range extender i3. If those prices are a little out of your budget, the Car Loan Warehouse can help you find BMW finance no problem. We’re experts in car finance and work with dealers and lenders to find you the very best financing option – regardless of your credit score. Try our quick and easy online car finance calculator now to see how much you could save!




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