The Car Loan Warehouse|Top 5 Tuesdays: Best BMWs

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Top 5 Tuesdays: Best BMWs

November 10, 2015

BMW is renowned for producing premium cars that deliver on all fronts – combining build quality, performance, refinement and exceptional handling. Today at The Car Loan Warehouse, we’re putting some of the best BMW models under the microscope in the latest instalment of Top 5 Tuesdays.

Dive in to see which BMW beauties made the cut. Who knows? You could just find your next car in this all-star lineup – and if you do, we’ll even take care of the car finance.

The Car Loan Warehouse|Top 5 Tuesdays: Best BMWs

Original image by Toby Jagmohan

BMW Nazca C2

Designed by Giorgetta Giugiaro, the Nazca C2 is one of the world’s most stunning concept cars and arguably the best BMW ever conceived. Thanks to its carbon fibre construction, sleek low-lying body, gullwing doors and a 5-litre V12 twin turbocharged engine that pushes out a hefty 380hp, the model gets top marks for both style and substance. With only three models ever actually produced, you’ll need a miracle to get your hands on one – even if you have the $1.1 million to spend! But, regardless of its rarity or the incredible purchase price, the BMW Nazca C2 is certainly a sight for sore eyes.

BMW Alpina B10 BiTurbo

When it comes to the best BMWs, no list would be complete without this vintage beast. When Alpina tweaked the already exceptional E34 5 series to create the B10 BiTurbo, they transformed this exec into what was the fastest production sedan on earth – sprinting from 0-62mph in just 5.6 seconds with the help of its 360hp engine. Not produced since 1994, the Alpina B10 BiTurbo remains an iconic car capable of record-breaking speed.


Step forward in time and we’re nominating the BMW X3 as one of the best BMW models ever. It’s a classy, practical and well-equipped SUV that’s not only fantastic to drive but fuel efficient to boot. The 184bhp engine takes the X3 from 0-62mph in just 8.5 seconds – delivering 50.4mpg and emitting 149g/km of CO2. Prices for a shiny new BMW X3 start from £36,795.


One look at the BMW Z4 and there’s no doubt this is one of best BMWs on the market. This roadster was designed with both performance and style in mind, so it’s as fun to climb inside as it is to drive. With a choice of 7 model variants, you could be cruising around in a Z4 of your own from £29,690 – putting the powerful engine through its paces and enjoying a satisfying fuel economy of 41.5mpg, with CO2 emissions of 159g/km.

BMW 3 Series

The Car Loan Warehouse|Top 5 Tuesdays: Best BMWs

Original image by Abdullah AlBargan

There’s a reason the BMW 3 Series is the most popular model in this automotive giant’s lineup. The 3 Series delivers impressive performance, gratifying fuel economy and finely-tuned handling – not to mention unmatched style. Our pick of the range is the 320d SE Saloon, which returns up to a whopping 70.6mpg – emitting just 106g/km of CO2. BMW 3 Series prices start from £24,975.

If you’ve got the new car itch and can’t wait to buy a BMW of your own, don’t let your budget get in the way. At the Car Loan Warehouse, we have BMW finance options to suit all makes, models and budgets – and you could be driving your dream BMW before you know it. To get started, apply online today or get a quick quote with our car finance calculator.

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