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The VW Golf GTE: the Performance Hybrid

March 14, 2014

Hybrid cars have been around for quite a while now and have certainly proven popular amongst the economy conscious. Cars like the Toyota Prius have seen moderate success in the UK despite poor handling and performance. This raises a question – do we really have to choose between performance or economy? Why can’t we have both?

This is where VW have stepped in with the brand new Golf GTE. Unveiled earlier this month at the Geneva Motor Show, the GTE is based on the legendary Golf GTI. The Golf has a longstanding and large fan base, and the new model will be VW’s first mass-produced hybrid. The GTE aims to offer low running costs while retaining hot hatch performance.


Original image by Automobile Italia

Under the bonnet, the GTE has a 1.4 TSI petrol engine. Combined with its electric motor, the new VW produces an impressive 201 bhp – not quite as powerful as the original GTI but still more than enough “oomph” for a hot hatch. As expected, performance figures are impressive. The GTE will do 0-62 in 7.6 seconds, topping out at 135 mph, leaving other hybrid cars firmly in the rear view mirror.

Economy figures are where the GTE really shines. The batteries in the GTE are automatically charged from the petrol engine and regenerative braking – however, they can also be charged at home through an electrical outlet or at a hybrid charging point. The GTE is able to do over 30 miles on electric power alone, meaning big savings on short journeys and city driving. When the batteries run out of  juice, or if you really put your foot down, the petrol engine automatically kicks in.

VW have made staggering claims that the GTE can achieve up to 188 mpg! However, these figures are based on maximum efficiency – and day-to-day economy figures are expected to be much lower. The hybrid GTE technology employed in the new Golf is expected to be rolled out across the VW range at a later date, offering an economy engine option to existing ranges.

Golf GTE Charging

Original image by morebyless

Sporty styling from the original VW GTI has been retained with only subtle differences in the GTE. The model’s badges are now blue and, on the interior, the dash features separate dials to monitor the electric motor and batteries.

The Golf GTE really is a game changer for the hot hatch market. With government grants available for hybrid cars, the GTE is expected to be available for around £28,000. A competitive price considering the cost of the original Golf GTI.

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