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The 10 Trippiest Car Concepts In All of Time and Space

December 27, 2013

Let’s dive straight in. There are some car concepts the world just isn’t ready for yet – many are absolutely mind-blowing and others are just straight-up bizarre. Here are what we consider the ten craziest and coolest concept cars in history.


BMW Lovos


To designer Anne Forshner, pedestrian safety and design conventions are irrelevant – and the Lovos serves as her comment on the mundanity of our mass-produced, uniform world This car concept encourage viewers to ‘escape from the embrace of pleasant conformism’, which we think is a pretty awesome and totally noble purpose. Not to mention the fact that it looks absolutely sick.
These 260 interchangeable ‘fish scales’ also work as airbrakes and keep their direction toward the sun to charge through solar energy. Even the wheels are plated with these scales, which retract when in motion to form this insanely cool turbine effect.

Aurora Safety Car

The Aurora Safety Car is the invention of an American priest called Alfredo Juliano, designed with the only concern being passenger and pedestrian safety. It’s no surprise to us that aesthetics were a secondary concern here – frankly, this poor mess of a car makes us a little sad and quite ill. The Safety Car’s bumpers are filled with foam to cushion the impact of any pedestrians who find themselves in an encounter with the vehicle – presumably because they stopped in their tracks when they saw the ugliest vehicle of all time cruising down the street. Bless.

Dodge Deora Concept

This unbelievable 1965 Dodge Deora was created by two hot rod enthusiasts, Mike and Larry Alexander, for the Detroit Autorama in the ‘60s – and later became one of the original Hot Wheels cars. Don’t worry about having to climb through the window due to the distinct lack of doors – the entire top half of the cab folds back, allowing you to gracefully fall over the steering wheel and instruments backside-first into your seat.

Peugeot Egochine Concept Car


Forget the latest Ford grill – this one’s a real hellrazor (puns). This is the Egochine, a three-wheel a Gillette Fusion ProGlide/Morgan Aero hybrid. To paraphrase creator Paulo De Giusti, this is a vehicle to carry ‘a person who is very self-centred’, hence the name. This three-wheeler ensures that all eyes are on you when you’re doing the supermarket run, and whenever else.

eRinGo Concept Car

The eRinGo concept is based around a gyro system which keeps the car balanced on its middle wheel when driving forward – with the side wheels only being used when the vehicle is leaning into a turn, as well as extending when the vehicle is stationary to provide balance while anyone enters or exits the vehicle. Some very clever ideas for a thoroughly stupid car. The two-seater version features steering wheels for both passengers, so you can fight about where you’re taking your girlfriend for dinner the entire way there. Potentially disastrous.

Fiat Panda 4×4 Monster Truck

Perhaps the most surprising thing about the Fiat Panda is that it was actually a legitimate collaboration between Fiat and Mercurio Cinematografica to be used in a TV commercial for the car manufacturer. The ad told the story of a guy driving his four friends up a snowy mountain to their hotel, surprised at the performance of the little Panda’s off-roading capabilities, only to open the door and fall down into a pile of snow to the laughter of his mates! Such laughs.

Campagna Motors T-Rex

This Canadian three-wheeled, straight-four powered two-seater goes by the name of the T-Rex – and is quite simply one of the slickest rides we’ve ever seen. Designed and styled by Deutschman Design, the T-Rex has been commercially available since the early ‘90s – while more than just a mere concept, this car bike trike just had to make the list.

The Ultimate Limo: The Wingless 747

Perhaps the most bizarre on the list, some crazy car/plane enthusiast just couldn’t let this retired 747 end up in a plane graveyard. Mexican company Vaca Meter Limos created this luxury airliner limousine to immortalise themselves for all eternity through the power of the internet. And to be honest, we think they did an excellent job. We know who we’ll be calling the next time we’re stranded in Mexico.

Kick-ass Gyro/Segway Units

Check out these bad boys! We can all admit that the main problem with segways was how much of a tool you looked riding around on one. But these pimped-out alternatives we spotted online are a different story. The Snoop Dogg is strong in this one. We figure this has to be one of the single coolest ways to travel. Fo shizzle, etc.

Land-Walker Exoskeleton

The Land-Walker, created be the Japanese Sakakibara Kikai company, is a towering exoskeleton-type vehicle you can actually purchase for a mere £185,000 ($350,000) and, weighing in at 1000kg, it’s pretty impressive when you see it walking around effortlessly – powered by a tiny 250cc engine, controlled by the person sitting inside with some custon written computer software. And yes – they are machine guns strapped to the sides. All we need now is a link-up to Google Glass for automatic POV aim. Probably a sensible addition, should you ever need to fight to the death for the last parking space.

About The Author

Jon Le Roux is co-founder and company director of The Car Loan Warehouse. Being a mad engineering and motorsport enthusiast, I spend more hours than is healthy, watching, reading or talking about cars, boats, motorbikes…..basically anything with an engine.