The Car Loan Warehouse|Shell Predicts Petrol Car Extinction by 2070

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Shell Predicts Petrol Car Extinction by 2070

January 23, 2014

Major oil company Shell has released their prediction for the future of motoring fuels. In the shadow of the 2014 North American International Auto Show in Detroit – where many top manufacturers revealed alternative fuelled cars – Shell predicts the petrol car’s extinction by 2070. From electric to hydrogen fuels, there are so many alternatives already out there – it’s just a question of when the petrol pump will become obsolete.

The Car Loan Warehouse|Shell Predicts Petrol Car Extinction by 2070

While these cars are available to buy now, we still won’t see real change for another decade or so, due to the expense involved in adapting. We’ve been seeing more and more charging stations for electric cars popping up around cities and motorways, and there’s still not enough to determine whether they’re a viable option for rural areas – so for now, the petrol stations remain.

While new fuelling options are being considered, Shell predicts that it’ll only take off nearer the latter part of this century. They believe it will take commitment from both the government and the public to make the change from petrol to the cleaner, emission-reducing car. According to Shell, “by 2070, the passenger road market could be nearly oil-free, and towards and the end of the century an extensive hydrogen infrastructure rollout displaces oil demand for long haul and heavy loads.” They also predict hydrogen and electricity as the possible front-runners, with hybrid hydrogen vehicles to be the favourite for road users – offering both flexibility and efficiency.

The Car Loan Warehouse|Shell Predicts Petrol Car Extinction by 2070

Statistics show that, in Scotland, a third of all car journeys are less than two miles long – and yet there is a disproportionately high level of pollution. The Scottish government has laid down aims for all petrol and diesel cars to be banned by 2050, spending an impressive £14 million over the next two years converting the current fuelling stations from petrol and diesel to EVs and charging points.

Why? “Transformation is absolutely vital to achieve our ambitious climate change targets,” says the Scottish transport minister, Keith Brown.

Scottish authorities are also offering an attractive £5,000 grant for private buyers to go electric when renewing their car, with 100% off the cost of installing the home charging point. You can bag an extra £3,000 on top if you buy an electric van.

Not only will this reduce the harmful emissions produce, but it also works out cheaper – as an electrical car currently will cost you around 2 to 3p per mile, compared to a standard petrol car at 16p per mile. An electric car is also currently exempt from road tax.

Although more expensive to buy, electric cars are far more efficient and cost effective than any other car on the market – saving you money on every mile. With a charging station at your home – and with more handy charging ports popping up around the country – it’s definitely worth the investment. If you’re looking to renew your car but need a little help with financing, check out the Car Loan Warehouse loan calculator to find a loan that suits your budget. With the Car Loan Warehouse, there’s no need to settle – apply now to find the car you want at a rate you can afford.

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