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Review: the Kia Soul EV

December 5, 2014

Chances are you’ve already heard of the Kia Soul EV, and not because of its funky design or spacious inside. This is Kia’s first all-electric, zero emissions car to be sold in the UK – so where two years ago there were no electric cars available in the £25,000 bracket, today we have a range of affordable and eco-friendly options. The new Kia Soul joins the ranks of the BMW 3i and the Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive – but does it stand up against these formidable competitors? Let’s find out in today’s Kia Soul review.

The Car Loan Warehouse|Review: the Kia Soul EV

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Before we start on the environmental assets of the Kia Soul EV, let’s first discuss design – since this car has more than enough quirk to turn a few heads. The Kia Soul EV is clearly meant for a younger generation with an active environmental conscience. Its boxy design opens with a blanked-out front grille that hides the charging points. The 16inch wheels are designed to give the car less air resistance, and the two tone colour scheme perfectly complements its fun and eccentric design. On the inside there’s a wealth of technology, including a massive OLED instrument cluster.


Kia is calling the Soul EV a UPV (Urban Passenger Vehicle). That doesn’t mean you won’t see these cars outside of the city, though. The Kia Soul EV comes with the largest battery of all the cars in its price range. The 27kWh lithium-ion polymer battery, fitted under the floor, gives the car a range of 124 miles on a single charge – beaten only by the Tesla Model S. On top of this, the car is a lot smoother than most petrol engines and the low centre of gravity gives the car a lovely stability.


With any car aimed at a younger generation, you can expect plenty of hi-tech features – and the Kia Soul EV is no exception. If you’re worried about running out of battery before you get to your destination, don’t fret – the Kia has you covered. Not only will the car tell you how many miles you have left on your current charge, but the Satnav will even display your range as a radius on the map – and includes a shortcut to direct you to the nearest public charge point. And if you get the 100kw DC Fast Charger, charging your car will take as little as 24 minutes.

Range is definitely the greatest selling point of the Kia Soul electric car, but there are no shortage of reasons to invest in this economical little beauty. The car hits the market this December with prices starting at a market-leading £25,000. Fancy being an early adopter, but struggling to find the funds? That’s no problem. Our dedicated team of advisors specialise in Kia finance and can help you find finance for your eco-friendly companion – check out our online car loan calculator now for an instant quote.

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