The Car Loan Warehouse|Review: the Skoda Citigo

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Review: the Skoda Citigo

December 19, 2014

If you’re looking for the best looking, most economical city car on the market right now, the Skoda Citigo is where it’s at. The Citigo is a rebadged Volkswagen up!, so you get all the benefits of Volkswagen engineering but with a Skoda price tag. The entry level price for this sensational city car is only £8,210 – and in today’s Skoda Citigo review, we’re taking a look at how this nippy little machine has more than justified its price.

The Car Loan Warehouse|Review: the Skoda Citigo

Original image by Michael Barera



Like we said, under the skin, the Skoda Citigo is just a VW up! and it isn’t the only rebadged up! out there, with the SEAT Mii rounding out the city car big three. Which of the three you opt for does come down to personal preference – but personally, we think the Citigo is the better looking of the three. With its finned grille and sleek headlights, the Skoda Citigo is quite simply a very capable city car with its good looks as a welcome bonus.


On the inside, it’s all Volkswagen up! You get an option of two petrol engines, a 59bhp one and a 74bhp one, and both provide you with a decent 70lb ft of torque. In the standard kit, there’s a manual five-speed gearbox, but you also have the option of an automated sequential gearbox. Both will get you about 50 miles to the gallon. And if you want to keep running costs even further down, you can choose one of the Skoda Citigo Greentech models. These produce less than 100g/km CO2 emissions, so you won’t have to pay road tax and you’re exempt from the London congestion charge.


The Skoda Citigo is beating the VW up! and SEAT Mii in looks, running costs and price – so surely it has less kit, right? Guess again! In safety equipment, the Citigo is the first Skoda car with a head and thorax side airbag, and even comes with City Safe Drive. This break assist system senses head-on collisions before they happen and slows the car down when it does. The boot space amounts to a hefty 251 litres, which is rather luxurious for such a small car. And if you choose the flagship model – the Skoda Citigo Elegance – you’ll get more kit than you’d expect in a luxury car, including heated seats, air-con, Bluetooth and a removable five inch multimedia device that works as a Satnav, on-board computer and hands-free phone.

The Car Loan Warehouse|Review: the Skoda Citigo

Original image by Alofok

If you’re in the market for a city car, the Skoda Citigo is probably the best option out there. It beats the competition in every category and is cheaper and more efficient to boot. For as little as £8,210, you can drive away in a brand new Citigo – but if you still need some help finding the funds, head over to our dedicated Skoda Finance page. We’re specialists in car finance, and we can get you inside a Skoda Citigo of your own without the hassle – so try our loan calculator for an instant quote today!

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