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Featured Expert: Fixing A Car Radiator Leak

May 27, 2014

Every car owner dreads the moment they hear that all too familiar metallic clunk, or see steam pouring out of the bonnet. When you’re dependent on your car to get from A to B, reliability is an important big factor and radiator and engine cooling problems are one of the major causes of breakdowns.

This week the Car Loan Warehouse got the chance to interview the experts at K-Seal about their quick and easy leak fix solution, sharing their advice on what drivers should look out for and what to do when things do go wrong.

The Car Loan Warehouse|Featured Expert: Fixing A Car Radiator Leak

1) Tell us about the problems which cause engine leaks, are there any warning signs drivers should look out for?

The cooling system in your car is vital to the proper functioning of the engine. Unfortunately engines by their very nature work under extreme conditions of heat & cold, pressure and even physical damage.  Even a small failure in the cooling system can quickly lead to catastrophic and expensive problems with the whole engine, so take swift action before it’s too late.  Some obvious symptoms include

  • An unexplained puddle of water / coolant under the car which could indicate an issue with your radiator or water pump.
  • Excessive white smoke from your exhaust.  This is actually steam condensing from coolant being burnt off by the engine and is commonly associated with a head gasket failure.
  • Excessive moisture inside the windscreen and even wet mats in the foot wells could be a leak with the heater matrix.

2) What is K-Seal?

K-Seal is a coolant leak repair product capable of permanently sealing most leaks including cracked heads, head gasket failures, cracked blocks, radiators, heater cores and water pumps.  It has sold over 2 million bottles in the UK since it was launched over 10 years ago and, according to independent research, is the number 1 trade trusted product with mechanics.

3) How does K-Seal work?

When there is a crack or a hole in the cooling system, an area of low pressure is created.  K-Seal is drawn through the crack or hole along with the leaking coolant, and its unique ceramic micro-fibre and copper formula is deposited in the damaged area. Within seconds the crack or hole is filled and the formula cures to make a permanent long lasting repair.

4) What are the benefits of K-Seal over other leak repairs?

  • Unlike other products, K-Seal will fix all types of leak in the cooling system (hard parts).  So there is no need to worry if you have chosen the right type of sealant.  K-Seal is a popular fix with the UK’s leading roadside recovery organisations.
  • K-Seal has been independently tested in the UK to ASTM D3147, the international stop leak standard.  This means that it is completely safe to use in all water cooled engines including motorbikes, cars, vans, lorries and even ships.
  • K-Seal is safe to use with all types of antifreeze.  With some products you have to carefully drain and flush the cooling system first but with K-Seal just shake the bottle, pour it in and drive.  It’s as easy as topping up the coolant.
  • A single bottle only costs around £12 and treats up to 20 litres of coolant.  When you consider a cooling system repair can easily cost hundreds of pounds, K-Seal is much more effective and better value for money.

5) And finally, what’s your dream car at the K-Seal team and why?

This is a matter for some debate, but my vote is not for one of the super cars but the classic Ford Capri. It has always been on my list of cars I would have loved to have owned but never did. The design is right up there with the E-Types of this world in that it remains a true classic shape and continues to be a head Turner even today. Now all that remains is to decide on the 2.8i or the 3 Litre GT.

If you suspect your car might be springing a leak, K-Seal could be the solution for you.

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About The Author

Jon Le Roux is co-founder and company director of The Car Loan Warehouse. Being a mad engineering and motorsport enthusiast, I spend more hours than is healthy, watching, reading or talking about cars, boats, motorbikes…..basically anything with an engine.