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Personal Loan for Car Purchase

At The Car Loan Warehouse we can also arrange an unsecured personal loan for your car or van purchase.

Some of our customers prefer this method of financing their car because as the loan is unsecured the Lender is not concerned about the age or mileage of the vehicle or how much it costs.

This means you are free to purchase your car privately or from a dealer and the money is paid to you not the seller meaning you may be able to negotiate a better price as a cash buyer. You may also wish to borrow more than the cost of the vehicle leaving you some left over to pay for your insurance premium or road tax.

With a personal loan you are also free to sell your car and there is no requirement to settle the loan when you do so, which means you can keep the money to purchase another car or are free to spend it on something else.

Good Credit History  –

If you have a relatively good credit history we can arrange a personal car loan for up to £100,000 with a maximum repayment term of 5 years. This is quick and easy and all done online with the funds transferred to your bank account within hours. The interest rate will be between 9.9% APR and 19.9% depending on your circumstances and credit history.

Poor Credit History  –

If you have bad credit history or a poor credit rating we can still help you arrange a personal loan for a car and for us to do this you will need a friend or family member who owns their own home to vouch for you.

This is called a guarantor loan or “buddy lending” and your guarantor will need to trust you to make your payment on time and they will be agreeing to make the payments if you don’t. The maximum we can arrange for a guarantor loan is £7000 and the maximum repayment term is 5 years.

Flexibility –

All of our Personal car loans are also very flexible allowing you to make overpayments which will save you interest on you loan and get it paid off sooner.

To make an application for a personal loan for a car you can either complete our simple online form or you can phone us on 0800 066 2888

To get a rough idea of monthly payments first you can also use our car finance calculator.