The Car Loan Warehouse|Motorbike Mondays: the 2014 BMW R1200RT

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Motorbike Mondays: the 2014 BMW R1200RT

November 17, 2014

It’s time for another installment of Motorbike Mondays – and in today’s review, we’re going to take a closer look at the BMW R1200RT 2014. This ‘Reise-Tourer’, or travel tourer, was first revealed in 2005 and has been BMW’s flagship tourer for the last decade. The R1200RT has been a popular choice among long distance motor tours ever since its conception, and is loved by both new drivers and motorcycle veterans. But with the BMW R1200RT’s 2014 redesign, we’re wondering how they could possibly improve on this two-wheeled institution. And in our BMW R1200RT review, you’re about to find out.

The Car Loan Warehouse|Motorbike Mondays: the 2014 BMW R1200RT

Original image by Hans45


The first thing fans of the RT said when they heard that BMW was giving the R1200RT an update was: ‘don’t change the seat’. It will come as no surprise that, in the end, the most important feature on a tour bike is the comfort of the seat. You can give a tourer the most amazing specs, flashiest design and lowest price – but if the seating isn’t good enough to spend at least half a day in, you’ll not see many of them cruising the countryside. Leave it to the clever clogs at BMW to get it right on the first try – when the R1200RT was first released, it sported one of the most comfortable seats to ever grace a tourer. And we’re happy to report that, despite some slight changes to the seat, the BMW R1200RT 2014 is as gloriously comfy as its predecessors. So what DID they change, then?


The biggest complaint owners had with the BWM R1200RT (and with BWM motorbikes in general), was the small numbers on the instrument panel. It was odd really – BMW spent all that time and effort designing such a beautiful piece of machinery and then neglected the one piece of the bike the rider spends most of their time looking at! Luckily, the new version boasts a welcome instrument panel update and finally looks like something you’d expect BMW to have designed.

The update also gave the R1200RT some new features we’d seen before on other BMW motorcycles. An electronic suspension adjustment system makes the bike shift between 3 different settings at the flip of a switch. An optional hill-start system helps riders who have problems taking off on slopes and an electronically adjustable windshield will keep the wind off you even at top speed.


Another major change was the switch to a water-cooled version of the boxer engine – which added another 15 hp to the 110 of the previous version. We didn’t think it was possible to improve upon the amazing handling of the old R1200RT, but BMW found a way. A stiffer chassis and slightly increased steering angle combined with the low centre of gravity make the bike a dream for chasing corners.

As far as tourers go, the 2014 BMW R1200RT is an excellent choice – hitting the market at a reasonable £13,200. If you’re a long distance kind of rider and need a new two-wheeled companion for the journey, you can’t go wrong with the BMW R1200RT. Its throne of a seat and superior handling more than justify the price tag – but if you need some help finding the funds, you’ve come to the right place. At the Car Loan Warehouse, we’re experts in new and used motorbike finance, and we can get you on the back of your dream bike without the fuss. Try our finance calculator now for an instant quote.

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