The Car Loan Warehouse|Motorbike Mondays: The Honda F6C – the Gold Wing with a Difference

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Motorbike Mondays: The Honda F6C – the Gold Wing with a Difference

August 11, 2014

The Car Loan Warehouse|Motorbike Mondays: The Honda F6C – the Gold Wing with a Difference

The new Honda Gold Wing F6C is a big cruiser with a flexible flat-six engine that still handles well and is easy to ride. Its unique design means that the huge 1832cc engine sits right between the rider’s legs, giving the F6C perfect balance, maintaining a comfortable classic cruiser ride.

Known in the US as Valkyrie, the original 1996 F6C has been revamped for 2014 powered by the bigger 1,832cc motor from Honda’s current giant tourer. Unlike its predecessors, the new Valkyrie hides most of its big motor, but that doesn’t detract from the big bike’s presence. The curvaceous cruiser comes with a low seat, forward footrests and lower back support for comfort.


Honda called the original F6C “the world’s first performance cruiser” and the new incarnation has enough acceleration to continue that tradition, with a broad spread of torque and a peak output of 114bhp. In order to tame the F6C’s power, Honda have fitted the cruiser with enlarged disc brakes and an ABS system, giving the bike plenty of stopping power. The F6C also benefits from a great range of up to 200 miles – thanks to its 23.2 litre fuel tank.

Comfort is the F6C’s biggest selling point. The bike is well balanced and easy to ride, both in town and on the open road – impressive for such a big motorcycle. The Honda is softly tuned and responsive, making it a very smooth ride that’s ideal for longer journeys. The big bike handles surprisingly well with its ultra-light steering and adaptive suspension. The refinement offered by the F6C, alongside its power and handling, makes it the ultimate choice for open-road leisurely rides.

Of course, one of the great joys of the F6C is the thundering sound of its six-pot exhaust. The incredible sound matches the eye-catching design of the Honda – but don’t be put off by its size and roar. Honda has made the F6C a truly accessible experience, providing appeal to a wide variety of riders. The Honda F6C starts at £17,999 – not bad considering its 1832cc engine. This was previously only been available with pricier models, such as the £25k GL1800 Gold Wing Deluxe or the £20k ‘bagger’ style F6B.


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