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Land Rover Debut: Invisible Bonnet Technology

April 9, 2014

Land Rover are set to debut the new Land Rover Vision line-up at the 2014 New York International Auto Show. The new range is expected to include two different vehicles, replacing the ageing Freelander and current Discovery models. Details are being kept very hush hush – however, Land Rover have released a teaser video hinting at a new design, clearly taking inspiration from the newer Range Rover models. Spy shots of the heavily disguised Freelander replacement leaked earlier this month and reveal a new, more angular body shape for the baby of the Range Rover family. The launch of the new models is scheduled to line up with the 25th anniversary of the original Land Rover Discovery.

Invisible Bonnet Technology

More recently, however, Land Rover have revealed a game changer. Dubbed “transparent bonnet” technology, using a clever system of cameras and displays, the innovation makes the front end of the car appear transparent to the driver. Check out this official video footage of the new technology at work.

Cameras mounted in the front grille are positioned at angles similar to the driver’s viewpoint, providing real-time footage of the road surface directly in front of the wheels. The footage is sent to a heads up display (HUD) in the windscreen which creates the illusion of a transparent bonnet. This technology is a serious game changer for the off-road industry. The ability to see objects and hazards in relation to the wheels – whilst also being able to see the angle of the wheel – is of huge benefit when navigating through tricky terrain.

There are, of course, numerous everyday benefits to the technology. Parking cameras are already popular in executive and luxury vehicles – however, the invisible bonnet takes this to the next level, helping drivers avoid scrapes and bumps in tight spaces. Driver and pedestrian safety also benefits from the new system, providing the driver with an increased range of view. Large, high riding cars like the Land Rover are notorious for blind spots hidden by the large bonnet, meaning drivers could miss smaller objects directly in front of the car.


Technology director for Land Rover, Dr Wolfgang Epple, gave some background regarding Land Rover’s decision to develop this technology in the first place. “The Transparent Bonnet will give drivers an augmented view of reality to help them tackle anything, from the toughest off-road route, to the tight confines of an urban car park”.

To find out more about the new Land Rover Vision range, check out this review by CarsUK.

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