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I’ve found a very nice Mercedes Vito for sale but it is not at a dealer. It is being sold by the company that have had it from new and they are replacing it with something bigger. I have been to see it and it is in excellent condition and has only done 32000 miles and was first registered in March 2011. We are a limited company and have been going about eleven years but I have spoken to my bank but they say it will take a couple of weeks to get a decision on some van finance, can you help us as I don’t want to miss out on this van as it is a good price. I only want to borrow about £8000 and would like to repay it over three or four years depending on how much per month it comes out to.

Hi Mr Herd,

Thanks for your email.

You have come to the right place as we are fairly unique in being able to offer van finance for a private sale or a company sale. Most van finance lenders will only offer loans for vans sold by van dealers who have a consumer credit license because they are worried that the seller doesn’t have legal title to the vehicle. What we do is speak to the seller and ask them to prove they own it by getting a copy of their purchase invoice and a copy of the V5 registration document from the DVLA. We will also only pay the money to a bank account in the same name as the one on the V5 to make sure the legal owner gets paid and nobody else. We then get them to produce an invoice to the finance company and we get a copy of a paying in slip and possibly their driving license. This might sound like a lot of fuss but we are making sure that you and the van finance company are protected and we even arrange an HPI check to make sure that the van is not stolen, accident damaged or has any previous finance arrangement still outstanding.

What we need you to do is fill in our easy online application form so that we can get you approved for van finance and we will then contact you for the van details like the registration number, the mileage and the sale price so that we can carry out our checks and get the vehicle valuation approved.

Once this is done we can get documents raised and run through the monthly payments with you for the van finance agreement. The documents will be emailed to you for signing and we can then get the funds transferred to the seller on the day before you collect it.

This can all be arranged in a day or two so nice and quickly.

If you have any more questions please call us on 0800 066 2888 or you can visit our van finance page for further information.

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