The Car Loan Warehouse|Car Wars Wednesdays: Mercedes S-Class vs BMW 7 Series

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Car Wars Wednesdays: Mercedes S-Class vs BMW 7 Series

January 28, 2015

Put on your war paint, it’s time for another Car Wars Wednesday – and in today’s clash of the titans, it’s Mercedes S-Class vs BMW 7 Series. Being the number one in the luxury car category is a much coveted claim. It takes nothing less than the very best in driver comfort, passenger accommodation, modern luxuries and supreme technology to seize this spot. The Mercedes S-Class has been at the top of the luxury car segment for years, but the new BMW 7 Series might be the one to dethrone the king. Let’s get this battle started! It’s time for a head-to-head Mercedes S-Class and BMW 7 Series review.

The Car Loan Warehouse|Car Wars Wednesdays: Mercedes S-Class vs BMW 7 Series

Original image by Pål-Kristian Hamre


It’s a tough one to call, since both cars positively ooze luxury, corporate elegance and class. Both cars feature high end, completely handcrafted interiors and long lavish exteriors – but once you park them next to each other, you can’t help but notice that the BMW 7 Series looks a little bland next to the Mercedes S-Class. Reviews of the BMW 7 series’ predecessor were very critical of its controversial lines, which might be why BMW has opted for a very traditional look this time around. Unfortunately, this has backfired, as the car now looks particularly uninspiring next to the magnificent Mercedes S-Class. Points go to Mercedes!


Where do we even start on this one? Both cars offer a huge range of engines and options, so let’s compare entry level engines. The entry level petrol engine for the Mercedes S-Class returns a very respectable 306bhp and makes it from 0-62mph in 6.8 seconds – with a satisfying fuel economy of 44mpg. BMW’s entry level petrol offers 320bhp, with a curb to 62mph time of 5.7 seconds but an inferior fuel economy figure of 35mpg. We’d say the BMW 7 Series wins this round.

Ride & Handling

Out of the gate, the points go to Mercedes, thanks to the car’s innovative and unbeatable MAGIC BODY CONTROL. This system uses cameras to actually scan the road ahead for obstacles, potholes and other inconveniences, adjusting the car’s suspension accordingly and in real-time. This creates the smoothest ride the automobile world has ever seen – and the Mercedes S-Class comes with this feature as a standard. While the BMW 7 Series is also an amazing ride, you need to spend quite a bit of cash on options to get to the same level of comfort as the S-Class.


Since price isn’t usually a deciding factor for buyers in this range, we’ll keep it short. Spending  £62,905 will get your entry level Mercedes S Class financed, while the on the road price for the entry level BMW 7 series starts at £58,115. With a difference of over £4000, the winner in the price department is definitely the BMW.

The Car Loan Warehouse|Car Wars Wednesdays: Mercedes S-Class vs BMW 7 Series

Original image by Nexbylion

The verdict: in the end, we’d say the clear victor is the Mercedes S-Class. It’s better looking, performs brilliantly and crushes the BMW 7 Series in the handling stakes without breaking a sweat, thanks to its MAGIC BODY CONTROL.

If you need some help finding the funds for your own Mercedes S-Class, check out our dedicated Mercedes finance page. And if you still fancy getting your hands on a BMW 7 Series, head on over to our BMW finance page for more information. Looking for an instant quote? Try our online car loan calculator to find your rate.

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