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Car Wars Wednesdays: Jaguar F-TYPE vs Porsche Boxter S

April 1, 2015

It’s that time of the week again and today’s Car Wars Wednesday is guaranteed to cause a stir. Today’s battle sees the Jaguar F-TYPE vs the Porsche Boxster S going head-to-head in a war of style and speed – and it’s a battle not to be missed! Is it finally time for the Jag to outshine its rival? Or will the mighty Porsche scoop the prize? Let’s find out.


Jaguar F-TYPE

Original image by Jaguar MENA


Most Jaguar F-TYPE reviews make a comparison with the old E-TYPE and, although it hasn’t made waves like the iconic E-TYPE, it undoubtedly emanates luxury – making it a worthy rival for the Porsche Boxster S. However, when it comes to design, it’s tough to tackle the stunning Porsche – and appealing aesthetics aren’t all this car has to offer. Despite its sports car tag, the Porsche is also surprisingly comfortable – meaning even long journeys are enjoyable. Despite the Jag’s undeniable beauty, points go to Porsche in this round.


Beauty is the name of Jaguar’s game and the F-TYPE’s interior is far more luxurious than the Porsche Boxster. Features include Jaguar’s ‘InControl’ apps for music streaming, navigation and parking – although heated seats will cost you extra. Standard equipment in the Boxster is less than we’d expect from a sports car, and even Bluetooth comes with an added cost. This round goes to Jaguar.


Known for outstanding performance on the circuit, Porsche have been making drivers feel like road royalty for years – but they now face stiff competition from the Jaguar F-TYPE coupe. While those looking to purchase a Jag are unlikely to be concerned with road tax or fuel economy, it’s handy to know the figures – and the V6 entry-level F-TYPE emits 209 k/gm of CO2 while returning 32 mpg. Some buyers may be deterred by the lack of an optional manual gearbox – but overall, this is a smooth ride for any road. The F-TYPE inspires confidence and is bags of fun to drive – and it doesn’t exactly hurt that its supercharged engine gets you to 60mph in an astonishing 4.0 seconds.

The 3.4 litre Porsche Boxster S, on the other hand, packs 311 bhp and its 6-cylinder engine makes for sharp handling. Inside an S, you’ll get from 0-62mph in just over 5 seconds with unimaginable smoothness. Even in the shadow of its ‘big brother’ the 911, this powerful Porsche is designed to impress – but based on figures alone, we have to give this one to the Jag.


If you’ve struggled to pick a winner so far, the cost of these sexy sports cars might seal the deal. In terms of pricing, the Porsche Boxster S rolls in significantly lower than its rival. At £47,000, the Boxster is a sizeable chunk cheaper than the £60,000 Jaguar F-TYPE. This is an easy call – points go to the Porsche Boxster S.

Porsche Boxter S

Original image by Ô tô Bình Dương

The verdict: Picking a winner between these two beauties would have any petrol-head in a spin and it’s been tough to call! Despite a very impressive fight from the Jaguar F-TYPE, the Porsche Boxster S scoops first place.

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About The Author

Jon Le Roux is co-founder and company director of The Car Loan Warehouse. Being a mad engineering and motorsport enthusiast, I spend more hours than is healthy, watching, reading or talking about cars, boats, motorbikes…..basically anything with an engine.