The Car Loan Warehouse|Car Wars Wednesdays: Audi A6 vs BMW 5 Series

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Car Wars Wednesdays: Audi A6 vs BMW 5 Series

March 4, 2015

This Wednesday, we’re embarking on a battle of premium executive cars where we’ll pit the BMW 5 Series against the Audi A6. Both are saloons packed with plenty of features and style, but the Audi A6 2015 version is the better equipped of the two. The BMW 5 Series 2015 model is the cheaper car to run – and when business owners are involved, that may be all they need to hear.

The Car Loan Warehouse|Car Wars Wednesdays: Audi A6 vs BMW 5 Series

Original image by NRMA Motoring and Services


The Audi A6 is as sleek and sophisticated as any of the other cars produced by the brand. It’s got the same no-nonsense feel to it, but fans of a sportier ride may look to upgrade to an S series version. No Audi A6 review is complete without mentioning the spacious interior and boot. The BMW saloon sports some outstanding LED front fog lamps and a bold two plate grille. The BMW has a sweeping dashboard and a low-slung driving position for comfort. Despite this, the Audi is our winner in the looks department thanks to its sleeker look and classier interior.


As a car aimed at business professionals, the BMW 5 Series 2014 and 2015 models both come with a plenty of extras. Safety-wise, the car features stability control and six airbags as standard. The dashboard can be upgraded to include the iDrive infotainment system, and we’d recommend this option every time. All models come with Satnav, climate control, xenon headlights, cruise control and steering wheel mounted controls.

The Audi’s features are similarly impressive, with the SE version sporting Satnav, leather trim, climate control and front and rear parking sensors. An optional technology package upgrades the Satnav and adds internet features but isn’t as essential as the BMW’s iDrive. The A6 also matches its rival in safety features, with the same six airbags and stability control as standard.

Performance and Handling

A BMW 5 Series review has to mention the most powerful six-cylinder diesel versions of the car.  However, the mid-range 520d and 525d models output about 188bhp which is more than enough for most people. The BMW is a luxurious ride and you’ll barely feel the road or hear the engine. For business users, the 520d automatic is a clear winner with great economy (62.8mpg) and low tax costs.

The Audi A6 comes in three flavours: a 2.0-litre diesel, a 3.0 TDI and a twin-turbo BiTDI for real speed freaks. The A6 is lightweight for a saloon, so it feels far more nimble than a big car should. The 2.0 litre version is a smooth, quiet runner that gets good economy, low emissions and slow depreciation of value.

The Car Loan Warehouse|Car Wars Wednesdays: Audi A6 vs BMW 5 Series

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The verdict: both cars are in stiff competition and picking a winner is tough. Stylish, luxurious and smooth to drive, both cars are ideal for businesses – but the BMW 5 Series has impressively low running costs and that’s why the BMW is our honorary winner.

If you’d like to own a premium business vehicle for yourself or your company, check out our Audi A6 finance page or head to our BMW 5 Series finance section for more details. Then when you’re ready to get started, try our online car loan calculator for an instant quote!

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