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Audi A6 Avant Ultra Black Edition

February 4, 2014

An Audi dealer seems to have quietly unveiled a special edition of the A6 Avant. Audi Northwest put up a big banner ad for what they’re calling the Audi A6 2.0 TDI Ultra Black Edition, featuring some mechanical tweaks to produce 190bhp. That’s 15bhp more than the standard FWD A6 Avant TDI, dropping its 0-60 time by 0.3 seconds to 8.7 seconds – which is a very impressive time for a car of this size and quality – and upping its top speed by 2mph to 140mph.

The Car Loan Warehouse|Audi A6 Avant Ultra Black Edition

And another thing – how awesome does an all-black Audi look? Despite this power hike, the guys behind this expert in-house tuning job also managed to reduce emissions and improve fuel economy at the same time, from 132g/km and 56.5mpg for the standard A6 Avant to 119g/km and 61.4mpg for the Ultra Black. We don’t know what sorcery the experts have used to get these figures but we’re happy these improved figures do cause your road tax to drop by £30 a year to £105 – it’s just good news upon good news!

Did we forget to mention the goodies included as standard on the Black Edition? How about the BOSE surround sound system with DAB radio – sounds good, right? (Got to love that bass.) And there’s more – the Black Edition boasts an electric tailgate and the S line bodykit, giving it that mean look it seems to have picked up along the way.

More details are expected to be released on the Ultra range soon – including an A6 Ultra Black sedan – when the vehicles are introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

Don’t think you’re going to get one cheap though – pricing for the UK Avant Ultra starts at a hefty £37,010. So if you’re looking for Audi finance to get yourself one of these top of the range Black Editions, enter the figures into our car finance calculator and see if The Car Loan Warehouse can help.

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Jon Le Roux is co-founder and company director of The Car Loan Warehouse. Being a mad engineering and motorsport enthusiast, I spend more hours than is healthy, watching, reading or talking about cars, boats, motorbikes…..basically anything with an engine.