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Unemployed and need car finance?

Arranging car finance if you are unemployed can be tricky but at The Car Loan Warehouse we understand that income can come from all sorts of sources apart from being directly employed and have a quick and easy way to arrange a loan for you.

You will need to have an income so that you can afford to repay the loan but we can take your state or private pension into consideration as well as all government benefits including disability and unemployment.

What you will need is a friend or family member that owns their own home. This person would need to vouch for you and trust you to make your loan repayment on time and would become your “Guarantor”.

We can arrange unemployed car finance for up to £7000 and we can spread the payments over a term of up to 5 years so that the monthly payment can be affordable for you. There are no fees involved to set up the loan and it is very flexible if you wish to make over payments or settle the loan off early there is no penalty.

The process for taking out an unemployed car loan is very quick and the money can usually be paid to you the same day so that you don’t miss out on a car you may have found. This puts you in a strong position as a “cash buyer” meaning that you may be able to negotiate a good deal with the seller.

Unemployed car finance is also unsecured (not attached to the vehicle) so that when you sell the vehicle you are not obliged to settle the loan and can keep the money for you next car or any other purpose that you may need it for.

You can either apply online or you can phone one of our friendly advisors on 0800 066 2888 to explain your circumstances so we can process your loan.