The Car Loan Warehouse|2014 New York Motor Show: Land Rover Unveils New Discovery Vision

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2014 New York Motor Show: Land Rover Unveils New Discovery Vision

April 15, 2014

Land Rover have unveiled the Discovery Vision Concept at a press preview today, ahead of the New York International Auto Show’s public opening on the 16th April.

The Car Loan Warehouse|2014 New York Motor Show: Land Rover Unveils New Discovery Vision

Original image by Land Rover MENA

Land Rover has confirmed that the Discovery Vision ‘concept’ isn’t just one vehicle. Three different models will be released over the coming years – replacing and expanding Land Rover’s current lineup. The first to be released is anticipated as a direct replacement for the current Freelander model, and has been dubbed the Discovery Sport. There’ll also be a replacement for the original Discovery, celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. The third model is expected to be a smaller, compact SUV type vehicle to compete in the crossover market. It’s clear from the reveal that Land Rover have been taking design inspiration from their sister-brand Range Rover.

The Discovery Sport will be available in both 5 and 7 seat configurations – and features cutting-edge technology. We’ve already seen the transparent bonnet Land Rover unveiled earlier this month, employing a head up display (HUD) on Smart glass. The glass can display information about the car and passengers, much like a computer screen. It is also used in the panoramic glass roof, which will be electronically dimmable – from fully transparent to opaque.

The centre console of the Discovery Vision, unveiled in New York, reveals that most of the dashboard controls have been replaced with a large touchscreen panel. The car also employs advanced gesture control – replacing the need for indicator stalks on the steering wheel – with the indicators respond to hand gestures when driving. Very clever indeed. Land Rover were keen to stress that the technology is all designed to be intuitive and improve the driver and passenger experience, “it’s about technologies enabling versatility, not just for the sake of it”.

The new line of Discovery vehicles are part of Land Rover’s move into the more premium and luxury market after the success of their Range Rover vehicles. The current Land Rover lineup, although comfortable and refined, focuses on utilitarian off-road abilities. A spokesperson from Land Rover has said that they “want to give the whole range a greater appeal” through this re-design. It will be interesting to see how many of the innovative features make it through to the final production model. If Land Rover get this right, the new range of Discovery 4x4s could seriously change the game.

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